Featured Artists

During the Art of Sustainability people are encouraged to take a quiet stroll and observe the gentle movements created by large kinetic sculptures that are on display from these internationally renowned artists:

Kinetic art is work that responds to our environment of wind, water and solar by movement. Kinetic art is mesmerizing and the kinetic art on display as large-scale and fascinating to watch.

This event will see Palm Bay, the second largest city in central Florida, place the arts at the heart of the community in a new and innovative way. It will not be art for art’s sake, rather we will use the arts as catalyst to provoke debate. Presented is an exhibition of large-scale kinetic sculptures – responding to wind, water and solar – provoking debate about those very elements. Exhibiting artists:


Kevin Duval

Wilmington, North Carolina

An Artist Profile

Kevin Duval is a metal artisan living and working in Wilmington, North Carolina. Raised in New England, he was influenced early on by the big, old metalworking machines that sat idle in the back of his aunt’s home. Turning the numerous dials and knobs, he could only imagine what these wondrous machines would do if only they were plugged in. One machine in particular, the metal lathe, still continues to fascinate and inspire him.

Kevin moved to North Carolina in 1998, following high school and entered the work force in Wilmington. For the next decade, he honed his skills as a machinist, welder, and craftsman in various manufacturing facilities in the area. He learned all about the elegant, timeless machines from his childhood, including the lathe. Throughout this period the need to create things, outside the parameters of blueprints, grew inside him. Driven by a curiosity of processes, a love of craftsmanship, and the need to experiment, he began creating mixed media artwork out of everything at his disposal...metals, wood, glass, concrete, ceramics, etc.

Kevin's work has progressed tremendously over the past three years after the decision to be a stay at home father and full time artist. With a focus now on heavier metals, and kinetics, the work has now come full circle and every piece gets its heart (fluid motion and rotation) from Kevin's beloved lathe.

The following are examples of this artists work:


Jeff Kahn

Lenshartsville, PA

An Artist Profile

Jeff Kahn was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1954. In 1971, Jeff began working on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia and by 1973, still working for professional jewelers, he set up his own studio and began designing, producing and selling his own line of custom jewelry. From 1976 until 1980 he attended Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art. While attending art school he continued working with furniture design, jewelry and experimental sculpture.

In 1984, he began designing and building computer operated sculptures that would activate up to 5,000 light emitting diodes, thus imparting movement to the sculptures. These pieces were successful and led to the development of more types of kinetic sculptures.

During his career Kahn has continued to progress towards his ultimate goal of creating large kinetic outdoor pieces of sculpture. His present collection of work is titled “Unseen Forces”. Combining all the skills learned as a jeweler, machinist and wood worker these pieces explore a very delicate balance between hard metal, precious wood, tiny sapphire bearing surfaces and imperceptible currents of air to provide an unlimited range of movement and design. His pieces are exhibited in private collections, corporate settings and museums.

The following are examples of this artists work:


John King

Lyon, Colorado

An Artist Profile

John King lives and works on the North St. Vrain River in Lyons, Colorado. He finds his vision in the water and air moving down the river valley. John coaxes material and form to interact with the wind or the touch of the viewer. The sculptures play and dance and come alive.

The artist has been making large kinetic sculptures for public display for the last 14 years. His brightly colored whimsical sculptures can be seen on Main Streets and parks and the lobbies of buildings.

John has most recently completed a 16' tall interactive kinetic sculpture “Sunrise” for the Aurora City Center light rail station. Also installed in the last year were an entrance and lobby sculpture for the new Downtown Denver Public Schools high rise entitled "Taking Wing" and “Journeys from Center”.


The following is an example of this artists work: